Kelloggs muesli package design originink copy.jpg

Kellogg's Muesli

multigrain breakfast

for the unstoppables

Kellogg's team approached us with design breif with the primary objective to upgrade their current users from 750g usage of muesli to 1.25 kg usage with a best in class looking jar. The clear motive of the jar is to tempt consumers into upgrading their consumption.

Our target audience is twenty five to thirty five year olds with higher purchasing power. Keeping up with the fast city life, they are working urban group who are willing to pay a premium for convenience, taste, and nourished food. 


Package Design

Kellogg's muesli jar design.jpg
Kellogg's muesli jar.jpg
kelloggs museli jar.jpg
Kelloggs muesli package design originink_1.jpg